Web 3.0

There are no shortcuts to taking advantage of Web3

Understand this new technology, by asking better questions and having meaningful conversations; beyond cute one-liners.

There is no way that you can know all to Web3 through a 494-word blog post or a few YouTube videos.

To truly understand this new technology, we need to ask better questions and have meaningful conversations.

People today ask questions for the sake of asking a question and desire the quickest answer possible.

Cute one-liners won’t cut it. Especially with technology.

When learning, we don’t give words the time or space to settle.

We are quick to become experts without fully knowing but are afraid to admit that we do not know.

To understand blockchain, Web3 and identify areas of opportunity and innovation, it’s important to be present when reading or listening and truly soak in the information.

In doing so, you can contribute to the growth of Web3 and be a part of history, not just a bystander.

Horizontal vs vertical conversations

Vertical conversations occur when an individual speaks to get to their point instead of building upon each other.

Example: Someone is explaining something, and instead of letting them finish, you interrupt and say something along the lines of, “Yeah I totally get it. I read about it last year.”

People do this because they are afraid of not knowing the answer.

It is okay to not know all the answers.

A deeper conversation can take place if instead, people took the time to listen and follow up with a thought-provoking question.

Horizontal conversation occurs when the participants share knowledge and trust within the conversation. These are conversations that can be built over time.

You either have knowledge or you do not — there is no in-between

“We live in a world where it’s become the fashion to just drop these cute one-liners at each other and think then that we know things.

We ask questions without really wanting the answer — all we’re seeking is a quick-fix; a conceptual solution to a curiosity that doesn’t really matter because it’s just a passing fancy.

We don’t live in a world where we have conversations about things that really matter! I mean endless explorations of the truth outside of ourselves…” (Kernel, 2022).

Here at Nava, our goal is to help people understand Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, etc, but also encourage meaningful conversations and inspire innovation.

Together we can build the future we want.

As some final thoughts, we leave you with a famous one-liner from Wall Street Bets,

“Ape alone weak. Ape together strong.” 🦍


Think about the following:

    1. When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation that provoked thought and creativity long after the talk was over?



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