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Find your purpose in Web3 through Vincent Van Gogh’s life

Before we start, ask yourself, would you rather be joyful with who you are or improve to become someone else?

We encourage you to read more on Van Gogh’s story by clicking here.

Before we start, ask yourself, would you rather be joyful with who you are or improve to become someone else?


Because as the world builds Web3, we must identify how we want to better ourselves.

Only then can use Web3 as the ship to get us there.

Vincent Van Gogh’s letter to his brother from 1879, helps us ask better questions and can inspire each other to find our purpose.

The letter speaks to making a choice between self-improvement or being happy with what you have.

Van Gogh’s story — a summary

At 26, Van Gogh was a high school dropout turned preacher.

His brother, Theo, paid Van Gogh a visit and communicated the family’s concern for his future.

Van Gogh was distraught at his family’s distaste for the decisions he's made to date.

Soon after the visit, Van Gough writes to his brother and expresses his feelings to reassure the family that Van Gough is where he is meant to be in life.

Eventually, Van Gough finds his purpose in making art and is backed by his brother’s full support.

Applying Van Gogh’s story to blockchain

Below we share excerpts from Van Gough’s work with a goal for people to:

  1. Ask better questions
  2. Think deeply about your intention with Web3

Van Gogh’s Work + Commentary

“Such a person doesn’t always know himself what he could do, but he feels by instinct, I’m good for something, even so! I feel I have a raison d’être! I know that I could be a quite different man! For what then could I be of use, for what could I serve! There’s something within me, so what is it!”

If you’re reading this, odds are you have a burning fire inside of you to make an impact. It could be locally or globally; that doesn’t matter. 

On the other hand, that same fire could be your mind telling yourself to dig deeper and find your purpose in life. 

Below is a quote to help you get to where you want to go.

On the road that I’m on I must continue; if I do nothing, if I don’t study, if I don’t keep on trying, then I’m lost, then woe betide me. That’s how I see this, to keep on, keep on, that’s what’s needed.
But what’s your ultimate goal, you’ll say. The goal will become clearer, will take shape slowly and surely, as the croquis becomes a sketch and the sketch a painting, as one works more seriously, as one digs deeper into the originally vague idea, the first fugitive, passing thought, unless it becomes firm.

Our interpretation of the above quote is, “if you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. Never stop moving forward”.

The world is actively building Web3.

You are not late, you’re early!

Whether you're trying to find your purpose or learn, we know it can be hard and challenging. Just know that it’s okay to learn slowly and take it one step at a time.

The key is to always be learning; “never stop moving forward”.

Eventually, you'll accomplish the unimaginable.


Think about the following 👇

    1. If you had to design a new world from scratch, what would you want it to look like?



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